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Game Gear FAQ

The best place to sell Xbox 360?
I have a requirement from 360 to sell me, but the unit Ebay generally provides that the unit of the plain, with extras maybe one or two, I like tons of games, several cables different, and some drivers a bit, so how is the best way to beat for most of the additional adjectives?

Slimline PS2 Best modchip right very soon?
Hello, what is currently the best modchip for PS2 SLIMLINE? I want something decent at a normal price (Maximum $ 40). I do not need any special I just want to be able to name my games disk backup without exchange, etc. I also read that each chip must maintain a laser protection exhaustion so of course I want a bullet to protect my laser. Full stop mode is good too, because I do not want my ps2 stopped online gaming. Thx

BEST PS3 exclusive?
What is the best PS3 exclusive of 2008:? Metal Gear Solid 4 * * * Haze Resistance 2 Mafia 2 Mafia 2 * ~ ~ all suggestions

Best router for PS3?!
everything I am looking for a router that gives the best signal rancid (I'll use my PS3 for wireless), even if I can give a specific router instead of line of sight! my price range is almost $ 70 so please help! THANK YOU!

Best settings for my xbox 360 on a LCDW19HD Mikomi TV?
Hello! Does anyone know what are the best settings for my Xbox 360 to run on a TV via a cable LCDW19HD Mikomi HDMI? What should I use? 720p or 1080i? and what happens baselines for '? Standard, intermediate or expanded? I want to make the best advantage of my Xbox and TV. My TV specifications: High Definition-ready. -19 Inches (48.3 cm) wide screen TV, about 48 cm in height visible Blind. "Resolution 1440 x 900 pixels. From the brightness of 300cd/m2., Contrast 1000:1.-Viewing angle 160/110 degrees. In progressive scan. Stereo-Noun Nicam. -2 X 3W RMS power output. NTSC compatible. Surrounded by advance thank you very much! =)

Best TV for PS3?
LCD or Plasma (you must be big enough for 1080p) Not only the best graphics on PS3, but the reliability and how they go to conventional television. So the best brands? Which is broader and how? Is the difference worth the extra money? And what a good size? Sorry if I am one to require …

Best Wii game coming soon?
I know that Mario Kart was released on 27 (USA) and do not worry I already pre-ordered a few months ago … and I know that Wii Fit can be 19 .. i pre-ordered that too … but is it everything that fate will be amazing … and dont tell me the end .. your … I have … I know it's good.

Best Wii Games?
What are the best games you addicted to personal experience plz! Thank you.

Top Nintendo Wii …?
Very good. So my dad just got bought a new Wii … & & I'm not used to video games … but I'm just shooting and, possibly, race and … just for fun, rolling, action games for the Wii swarm … So what are the best? During the 17-Im.

Best … RPG ….. never?
Let what you think. All systems, types of adjectives

Best graphics contained in the long term?
1. PLEASE DO NOT STOP fanboy! 2. NO SPAM ON XBOX or PS3 for free! Well then you think? I can be a sign of whether Sony can understand more things in Blu-ray, this does not mean better graphics. It Lately, the media can be more level in a game. And soon, Microsoft will make a Sony Blu-ray, or the network of its own disk device. But I think Downloaded games where the land is everybody going. And now for the graphics … you must admit they are much better on the Xbox 360 that they are on the PS3. I was thinking more or less to the PS3, but I watched all games and seems a bit "dark futuristic game Warisha." He decided to stay close to the Xbox graphics Salt great games. What is your opinion on this event? I want to hear from all sides … except for the Wii. And this is not a crime to be for the PS3 or Xbox 360 above.

Best Xbox Live?
What is the best game for Xbox Live (Wise competitive) Everyone is commonplace to say that COD 4 is better, but I think both are very Well, because I never played. And whoever said I should buy a PS3 because the Internet is free sh * t or I will delete your answer! Thank you:)

review and involve Great me an answer! Its about the Xbox 360?
Is it possible to connect an Xbox 360 to a screen computer, but not the computer itself? I connect my xbox 360 to my computer moniter so you can play, but my computer is down so I want just plug the moniter and only about three holes of the feeding port, Dsub, surrounded by row. If anyone knows how to connect the 360 to Plz contact moniter (harper_aaron11 (at) or be out of a response with specific instructions. Thank you for those who have answers.

Big ps3 problem?
Hello guys I have a huge problem next to my ps3, it worked well, but sometimes I have to put next to the graphic splutterring and adjectives that moves on the screen, his death three times, very frustrating,, id learned know what I posted his pictures on the "darkness" as a demonstration of about … if anyone knows what love could be wrong id know, cheers

Bioshock PS3 …. Final?
ok … Last time, I'm tired of these rumors adjectives, and if not .. once and for all. Bioshock will be the format for the PS3? or in an accident? greatly appreciated.

Bioshock !?!?! No Homo.?
How to find the telekinesis? Where is the code to open Physicians Pavilion at the door?

Birthday games for 360?
see my birthday is on 05 and I can choose to buy 3 games. my options are Guitar Hero 3, frontline fuel of war and times raibow Six Vegas 2. what are good choices. but for what they are? oh and I phone up alreaady of Duty 4.

option birthday?
My parents gave me the opportunity to spend $ 300 on a Nintendo Wii and accessories or a good digital camera w / memory card, a check for $ 100, and an iTunes card. I'm torn because I'm 18 and look at the camera I would use quite often, but I want the Wii. One condition is that I will not be able to take Wii to art school next year though. What do you think?

DVD in 360 (please read)?
Why do people insist that the 360 will have an internal DVD? Does anyone remember when that same rumor went something like HD DVD. Some people are still stupid satisfactory to say that the Xbox 360 Elite have a HD DVD player. Is it just ignorance consumers, or something else. Why are the ancestors stupid?

bomber man land touch?
How to remove all the facts in the manner of attraction as the characters Individual 10-point first games ect

Bono to link the song on Guitar Hero 3 on Wii?
I was wondering what is the fastest adjectives get the bonus songs in Guitar Hero 3 on Wii, without buying? Thank you!

Bought a "new factory sealed" activity Ebay, have problems.?
Well, on Sunday, I ordered a hard to find "new and factory sealed winter sports "For PS2 on Ebay from a person with a good grade. I can not undo the plastic packaging and the message is not that top" seal " generally that most new games that will prevent the opening of the bag, I also notice the top right box has some minor scratches and dents. I thought it was probably mild blight caused by shipping the game and open the book and the game disc and there seemed to be good. I put my business on PS2 and it worked, but everything was distorted a little content to the game a bit, then went the way of watch, next was to support the distortion, never again. So when you scroll through menus on the winter sport that could result distortion through the screen. After cleaning the distorion irregular habit disappear, but the distortion of the menu and each time a window discussion appears on the lower screen offers is deformed and looks bigger. What should I do, the game is so-called "new" and have distortion problems …

Brawl friend code?
Friends … I need someone? if I could, the source code rider wii fc fighting. Thank you! Seth FC: 4296-2640-3353 Wii: 3779 8932 5594 9274

PSP Brick?!
tryning devhook i get to work with my psp one minute and not start now! I do not know what happened! not even turn next to the AC power cord (and the green light on the night for 5 or 10 seconds after the cuts just beyond the expiry date of my read more usual or anything …… I cried in the Region 3 minutes on this, I have not had my psp a mothn and have spent countless hours customizing everythingto get a job and less than a EC minute! plzzz someone help me …. whether the material or assistance to a 3.90m33-3 i use. I was emulating 1.50 (installed with TimeMachine) and try to get devhook to work. wouldtry run the program and everything, but when running from my participation in the ISO to freeze it. I tested several coupla times in vain. then tried to start and that the blind was empty, but the flashlight was faster and flshing I do not know what to do … I took a while reading .. ms But I do not see how you could own brick my psp !??!?!?

The Broken Sword 1 and 2 Double Pack (PC) SOLD?
I can not work on my pc, even though they say it works under XP. Any way to solve this problem?

Broken Wii Remote?
Hello! he moved for a moment or two some time ago and recently recently re-configure my Wii, one and found that the wiimote does not work. I tried to re-synchronize and change batteries, but still present, is now empowered adjectives. When I try to turn even the flashlights. If anyone has any suggestions, please help. Warranty purely exhausted too 😉

Xbox 360 broken?
I have an Xbox 360 which is good, but when you plug it on television that to acquire audio and video i did not ensure that it was pluged surrounded by all the style and then tried another port on the TV, and even then tried another set of cables, but still does not work I also did that no one be in HDTV at 480i im using regular suggestions on Fixing the Xbox? I participate to see if there is a section specifically for that I buy I can fix myself

Bully (Wii) help?
What you get through the collection of adjectives rubber bands and cards? Also present a link to where on earth some of they are, I think the border on the map, but I can not find them. Also the missions you have to keep an image, I have problems cos my controller does not respond as soon as the mission begins and when there is a time keeping tight control, not me. What should I do?

Bully on Xbox 360?
request, as I think of buying a spectator sport. What do you do on Xbox Live to play the bully game? It's free roaming or what

Bungie.Net Halo 3 medals?
As I entered my account after receiving a Kiltrocity surrounded Grifball (Ma greatest achievement in Halo) and look at my career, I have not checked the statistics surrounding a while, I realized medal that expose my being pretty useless and my medals havent display correctly? Why?

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play guitar hero free online flash games