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guitar playing made easy for everyone
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Eletric guitar learning …?

Ok Im 14 and I really want to learn guitar eletric. The last song Freaky called "Ultimate" is what I wanted to learn guitar. So I went to the guitar and everyone was like 16, but that was the only class that was not complete. So was not actually learn something like the master taught 16 years to play more things and has learned the easiest things 5mins/the for a class period. So I left because it was not worth paying for anything really. So I wanted to know if there are good books to buy Courdi to help me learn (or writing) and learn to play guitar "language".

I advise you to try to find another teacher. Do a Google search of teachers around your area. Teachers are better to have because you learn much faster, and you guide what you should learn what they are not bad things. Before coming to a teacher, if you want to learn things for yourself, learn read guitar tabs. Basically, there are six lines on a map. The top line is for e-top (the thinnest string) and the next is to b.. and so on. If you want to learn chords, there are many books with chord diagrams and other things (I'll see how to read in the book).

guitar playing made easy for everyone