How To Play Guitar Shred

how to play guitar shred
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How can I be good at guitar, playing for the type of metal?

well its been over a year since I started play the guitar I used to practice a lot with a strict schedule, but never got good results out of it and I got sick and Now I do not practice reading a lot and that the shuffle sumthing that comes in my head. Anyone have any tips on playing guitar, like playing lead (milling)

Find an education can actually display. For now, tutorials search YouTube video that explains it. I can e-mail classes and stuff, but the best is to see people do there. First, start with chromatic exercises. So learn the major scale / Minor. From there, other scales are based on the major scale, so you want to know the pentatonic scale, melodic minor and harmonic minor …. but this is honestly, a couple of years in the future for you. This is not a guitar pick and begin crushing in a year or both. It is also necessary to play with a metronome that you can track how fast you play.

how to play guitar shred

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