Learn Guitar Do Re Mi

learn guitar do re mi
Do-Re-Mi on guitar

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Would you say that you have knowledge on how to play guitar is an advantage if you want to learn piano?

I play guitar, but not a professional, who can read labels and I know well and minor major chords, a few. I really want to learn to play piano, but I think I'm having trouble learning agreements. I know this is not essential and I know that the key CDEFGAB and black. And I can type memorize the positions back to me if I use a piano song. But I want to use the chords and play a song on the piano. You say not as difficult as I have some experience with a musical instrument?

You should consider the theory of music. If you learn an instrument, then you know how to play this instrument. But if you pay attention to music theory while you are learning music, and that applies to any instrument. I learned guitar and piano, and I found it a smooth transition. The guitar for me, like an instrument a little more difficult, because the notes can be confusing and difficult to find. The piano, however, all presented in front of you. So if you know the C major chord on guitar. Just watch and know exactly what you play. AC main agreements is a C, E and G notes. So if you play a note C, E and G on the piano, then it's a C major chord on the piano. If you can not understand what the notes you want to play, then you will find the arrangements on the piano. There are countless ways to play the same chord on the piano, which is part of the fun.

learn guitar do re mi