Metallica Learn To Play Guitar With Metallica

metallica learn to play guitar with metallica
Learn to play Metallica’s “Orion” — main riff with Chris Vollmer

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How can I learn a lot about electric guitars?

I am a 16 year old daughter and I have an obsession with bands like Metallica and the bands Nirvana and short hair. I really want to know more about electric guitars on the Internet. Anyone have any websites that are easy to understand and everything I do whether I really wanted to start playing guitar? thank you:)

Search youtube for the songs you want to play and watch courses specifically for these songs. there are many things on the guitar there and you can see how each song is performed by amateurs on YouTube. in fact, if you've never played guitar before, it would be good to take some lessons from someone local. play songs by heavy metals is not something to take overnight. Good luck.

metallica learn to play guitar with metallica