How To Play Guitar While Moving

how to play guitar while moving
Beginning Guitar Lesson: How to Play a Slide

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How do i figure out how to play a song with my right hand on guitar?

Everytime I see song tabs for guitar,while i have taught myself to play almost all known tabs with the left hand,i can’t understand how to move the right hand for each song unless i ask there a way to understand this by myself?
p.s1 I cannot understand just by listening to the song
p.s2 Sorry for the poor explanation and my bad english.
Well,for god’s sake,I CAN read music.I have been able to do it from nine years old!

Well, you should learn to read music.
That isn’t hard to do on your own.
And then you wouldn’t have to rely on tabs and could use like, sheet music.

how to play guitar while moving

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