Learn Guitar Progressive

learn guitar progressive
Learn lead guitar Phrygian Dominant mode ala Rush Metallica Dream Theater progressive rock metal Flamenco scale

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I am a student of guitar that needs advice

I am a guitarist and advanced to eat (I'm only 14). I taught guitar Series Progressive guitar method books. I want to be a professional guitarist, when he is older, and I asked for suggestions on how improvement. If you know of any help book, exercise, or websites, please tell me. I play acoustic guitar and electric, and I can choose and fingers can also use a selection. And I would like to know a wide range of guitar styles (classical, rock, jazz, etc.)

Hello is a good link to the scales. If you want to be competent, needs to know their scales. http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/guitar_scales.php?qqq=3&scch=C&scchnam=Major&get2=Get&t=0&choice=1

learn guitar progressive

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