Best Guitar Playing Videos

best guitar playing videos
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Recording guitar … (Video)?

Okay, I am a total rookie to record or capture. So if I was playing guitar, what do I need? Please offer the least expensive and most (but not too cheap, even sucking up). Do I need a Microphone? Do I need software? More .. And how can I connect to my amp? Or how can I connect to my computer? Etc. … So tell me what you know, share with meeee: D I play the electric guitar. So I have to connect anything to my amp or what? How to change the sound or what? What software to use … I'm shooting to play the guitar, I'm using the video function to record. So how can I record the sound of the guitar and my record playing both visually at once? As a microphone close to the amp … Because I want to post it on YouTube

Steinberg used by professionals to inspire basic cube But if you record something you want a big record company to listen then you need to go to a real recording studio,,,, and do professional work record companies do not touch unless your show is enough to put on the radio immediately if you have something and I hear so professionally and I love talking

best guitar playing videos