How To Play Guitar Minor Chords

how to play guitar minor chords
How to Play Guitar for Beginners : How to Play the E Minor Chord on Guitar

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How to play the C sharp minor on the guitar?

I have no idea how to read charts and agree things just tell me what fret and string I put my fingers in thanks:)

It is not easy to play a C # m. I think the best way is to consider it as an Am, but slide four dishes. But when it does, you can not play the strings, if you have either resulted in the fourth box, or just play the strings that have fingers. Try this: First line 1 second finger finger fourth fret: 2 5 th string of freight middle finger: 6 º 4 ª chain pink box: 3 # 6 string playing do not worry more than two channels. For a complete nut, he had to play the same, except your first finger pass on all the strings at the fourth fret. Indeed, I should learn to read charts disagree … It is simple and you make life easier. They are just images of strings and frets with the fingers go points.

how to play guitar minor chords