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play guitar hero 3 for free online
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Guitar Hero World Tour Wii 360 PS3 BASS PEDAL

Low price for Guitar BASS PEDAL Hero World Tour PS3 360 Wii

Guitar Hero BASS World Tour PS3 360 Wii PEDAL
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Customer Review:

I do not know if I lucky, but the pedal does not work … So if you think about saving money they have purchased … just because I decided to try to salvage something of value gained. Very disappointed!

We have "Guitar Hero World Tour Wii 360 PS3 PEDAL. And you can buy Guitar Hero World Tour LOW PEDAL 360 PS3 Wii in our database. The lowest price of Guitar Hero World Tour DRUM PEDAL 360 PS3 Wii Store and purchase online – Buy Save him!

glad to have him back

Guitar Hero is not the same thing with a broken foot for a "new" and must be in good working condition was very nice. It was a good sale.
exactly what I was looking

I have guitar hero world tour for the Wii for a while. I had not played for a while and when I wanted to play drums again, I realized that the cable that connects the throttle "The structure of the drum" (do not know how to say it) was broken, it seemed that There was something rotten oo maybe some little rats: SI went to every store in my town (Santo Domingo, DR) and nobody wanted to sell me a new pedal which only sells bunddle with the game and all instrument drivers …. I could never play drums again (after spending all that money in the package) when I thought of Amazon.

I found exactly what I needed. The arrival of new pedal in excellent condition and works very well. This is exactly the same as before.

I'll buy another and I'm going to buy Guitar Hero Metallica, and so expert who need two batteries pedals. thumbs up!
Exactly what was needed

The agenda included in the package so firmly in bubble wrap in a box and worked perfectly on first use.

The product works very well with my game

The one side is that the pedal was dirty, had a little grass and fluff stuck to the bottom things and he was kind enough adhesive in certain places.

After cleaning up work very well.

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play guitar hero 3 for free online