Learn Guitar Hero 3 Songs

learn guitar hero 3 songs
Worlds most impossible gh3 song!!

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Guitar Hero! WHY?

I thought there was the fascination of all guitar hero! I can understand and play along with Fresh air and say this is a rock star, but why do you do with a fake guitar has nothing to do with reality, playing guitar? I had a friend who loved to play guitar hero. I took my guitar and it looked like a deer in the headlights. I tried to teach three chords and his fingers were all messed up and said: "It is difficult," I said yes, of course, you have to practice and have some talent, not only push five buttons in a small plastic guitar in the form and follow the colors on a television screen. Can not you guys a real guitar and learn to play 3 chords and then playing with AC / DC, does play a song with a real guitar?

Part of the fascination for Guitar Hero is that people can play without having talent. It gives people the illusion they are playing the guitar while making it fairly easy to master. The problem then is that people too arrogant. "Oh, I can play Guitar Hero on expert. I am much better than the real guitar." They do not realize that plastic guitar is nothing like real guitar. Most people do not want to take the time to learn to play guitar well enough to play a song. It would take much more time and energy. Guitar Hero is an easy solution for people not fixed.

learn guitar hero 3 songs