Beginning To Play Guitar Tips

beginning to play guitar tips
Bass Guitar Tips #1. Relax…Play Bass.

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I'm looking to start playing the guitar …?

I've never played in my life, reading, I decided a good start was to get a Fender Stratocaster Made in Mexico because it is cheaper because labor costs in America. I 'm looking to spend about $ 400 – $ 500 for the guitar and amplifier. Do you think this is reasonable? Are there any suggestions on what do, or just general advice about starting to learn guitar?

At first, not wanting to spend too much money. On the other hand do not go too cheap either. The Mex Strats are good guitars and start becoming very well with updates later, if you do not on it. I just became a Jazz in Mexico by a more professional level with a truck and the upgrade of the bridge. If you decide that guitar is not for you, Fender guitars hold their value and sell easily.

beginning to play guitar tips