Play Guitar Through Garageband

play guitar through garageband
Playing RB Drums Using GarageBand

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How to listen and record Guitar Tracks at the same time Through GarageBand?

I tried to record a track by using a 1/4 cable converter to 3.5mm to connect to my Mac. I connected the converter to the Line Out on my Amp and a 3.5mm cable to my Line In on my Mac but no sound comes out. I then tried using the Headphone jack instead of the Line Out on the Amp and got sound but I couldn’t hear what I was recording. Is there anyway to record and listen to what I’m playing at the same time?

Yes. Inside garageband, there’s a little button on the instrument panel on the right side that says either Monitor: Off, On, or On (No Feedback Protection). Choose On, and it should feed your instrument to your amp.

play guitar through garageband

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