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Guitar Hero World Tour Question ..?

I played online against an opponent in Guitar Hero World Tour and I realized they were playing in a different difficulty setting, it was. I played hard and they were experts, and I do not think it was fair. On the other Guitar Hero, which coincides with you and his opponent on the basis of the level of difficulty, why not this? I do not think it's really just because the person at the highest level has more notes of what was going to win even if the other person has actually done better. Is there a way to match based on the level of difficulty? Right now my boyfriend is playing someone who plays in the middle and my boufriend is difficult, but because the party behind the other kids is easier it is capable of winning. I do not really know why he changed the way the 3 rd was created. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

this game is not a favorite person, given a 6.0 GameStop is not very good. especially the third game was better than that. However, I must say that out with some sort of ADD Metallica suddenly and that one is better, I promise. Guitar Hero World Tour was a kind of failure. The Most people who have bought had the same complaints as you. if you can get ur money u might want to wait for the next game.

play guitar set online

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