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Yamaha CG-70 information and support, new guitar: D?

so I was at a church retreat and some of my friends went to play the guitar and asked me if I could teach introductions to a couple of songs like Hey There Delilah (exaggerated and excessive I know: () and the dirty little secret, I really got into it and kept trying to start only two strings. all the time (fingers on the frets (?) hurts all the time and later.) anyway now I want to know more about the guitar. I know the guitars are very expensive, but it is my sister play guitar with a Yamaha CG-70. I ask you is, it's a good guitar for a beginner? my sister did not really get into it. this guitar is for girls / women? make still make guitars gender? Incidentally, I'll become a frequent poster in this section. plz take me, I even think of selling my xbox 360 to get a new one if I have too

No, we do not have sex guitars;) believe me I'm a play LRG and guitar hurt your fingers so naturally Actually, I told him that when I started to look as if itll lepresy after a while hehe sure to keep ur fingers along the frets and not at the top I think you mean just 2-Scratch son? I recommend that lessons confuse facilitate my brand? IDK I can play acoustic electric, but I can not play defense in case u were curious oh yeah and the right Andys guitar players are sexy, no lie D

learn guitar posters