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learn to play guitar sebastian
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Questions about Johann Sebastian Bach?

I play bass guitar and I am very influenced by Jack Bruce of Cream (Blues Band in the UK 60s) on bass and I watched an interview with Jack Bruce and he spoke of his classical training on cello and began to speak of classical influences and says something about Bach to compose the bottom lines of all time. I have no experience with classical music (mainly listen to blues, jazz and rock), but I'm always ready to explore the different types of music in the hope that I can learn something from them, someone can recommend me a few compositions by Bach are "good" bass lines in them so I can have a listen. I understand that Bach did not use bass on his compositions and the bass line is played on a tuba or bass or piano or something, but I can still learn something from what I believe.

Here are some of the best Bach is characterized by: 1) English 2 suites) German Suites 3) Partitas 4) Preludes and Fugues (From "Well-Tempered Clavier") 5) Inventions and Symphonies 6) corals and all his other books (many of which are sacred for)

learn to play guitar sebastian