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Would it be difficult for me to learn guitar?

I started piano lessons last summer and got enough good. I'm good at reading music. I want to learn guitar today. Is it difficult to learn? How long until this came to learn things like songs Nursery and stuff? Lol. And fifteen years is too late to learn? Thank you in advance. PS. Did you play guitar? How long have you played.

If you've studied music through the piano, then you have a good grounding in music shoot. The guitar is a fun instrument to learn and play. You can learn a few chords you can play hundreds of songs in a few hours. This allows keep the excitement as they learn. In addition, while can learn more complex agreements that will allow you to play many songs from other you feel better. The guitar can be simple or easy to learn. As I said earlier. I would say nursery rhymes can be learned very quickly:) .. And fifteen certainly not too late to learn, never. You can search for more free advice learnguitarguides.com

learn guitar now