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Could Disney songs played on a guitar?

Learn to play guitar, and I was the kind of music I want to learn to play. Certainly I am not just an acoustic guitar I have now, but maybe if I'm really into I'm going to buy an electric. But I'm just looking for fun, and gives me something to do at home when I have free time. I'm not going to be a performer of any kind. I love Disney songs, I think I am a child of the heart. So my question is, Disney songs played on a guitar? I know something about music is much more difficult (especially if the music is written for / by a pianist.) How easy would it be? Would it sound good?

Almost every song is playable on guitar. All the songs are around a few chords with a few pieces of luxury thrown in general. These can be played in a variety of instruments, if you play a song on an instrument different from the original so, it will sound different, but can still sound good. Take a look on youtube, I'm sure people some disney songs are covers on guitar. Anyway have fun playing:)

learn guitar kids free