How To Play Guitar Classical

how to play guitar classical
How to put strings on a classical guitar – a close up

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How can I adjust the electric guitar from my amp to play like a classical guitar-acoutic?

I have an electric guitar and I am learning to play classical guitar. I can not buy a classical guitar for real time, so how can I adjust my amp? My amp has: Tone-Win-Delay-Reverb: The effects. Acoustic group JC Clean, Black, Brit Combo, Classic Stack Brit and battery combined with a classic rock sound, even with little gain. I would appreciate the help thanks! By the way: If you do not know the answer, do not bother to write "I do not know, because it is very annoying to receive.

The difference between classical and electric guitar (acoustic) guitar technique is much greater what can be done by the amp configuration settings. Of course you can play with the amp tone controls to make a less severe softer sound, but that does not change the fact that they are still playing in the steel string and nylon, rather than the best advice (and other differences in neck width, length, height, deck height, etc..) not add effects to your amp (as it will only make the sound less audible) and focus only practicing their fingering technique (and the sooner you get a classical guitar, the better!)

how to play guitar classical