Learn To Play Bass

learn to play bass

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Where and how can I learn to play bass?

I want to learn bass guitar (no experience on the channel flow instruments way). I tried Yelp, but the nearest place with a true teacher is like an hour-_-I do not know anyone who plays guitar low, even though I have not taken the time to teach. I use my Christmas $ $ $ to get a beginner guitar and amp too expensive.

Bass is an instrument largely instinctive, so there are tons bassists who have never taken classes or had any formal training. I learned by matching sounds while listening to music I liked and finally game has become second nature, I am comfortable with the location of notes on the fretboard and maintaining the pace. It is interesting to try to play your ear, you may find that you are an individual. But if this is not something you feel comfortable, there is a great teaching program DVD contains literally everything had to learn years of private education. There are three films that will guide you through everything from the basics (names of parties functin low, tuning, etc.) on the balance sheets and reading, and finally how to create your own bass lines. The DVD set costs $ 40, unlike the lesson that would probably cost about $ 15 each. Although I have not used all serious players, I use the program of the same company and the guitar is surprisingly good. I had already played the guitar for more than 20 years, but my game has improved considerably since the beginning of the program DVD. I always look online for advice on random how to play and I'm going crazy trying to get things that we find in practice. In addition, many of the "inconvenience" the use of these services are actually dealing with guitarists like a guitar with four strings. Guitarists tend to endure terrible, so that their advice will do more harm than well. Since the bass is a rhythm instrument, will be much better if you learn the real decline in understanding the role of his instrument in the sound of a general group. Here is a link to a friend's DVD player: http://books-videos-music.musiciansfriend.com/product/Rock-House-Learn-Rock-Bass-Beginner-Intermediate-and-New-Dimensions-for-Bass – DVD-package? sku = 942721 By the way, it is good that you're starting with the bass guitar instead. If you know how to play bass, you'll be able to learn guitar later if you wish. But people who start on the bass guitar players tend to be horrible because they are too focused on playing the melody to play a rhythm instrument. In addition, guitarists are a dime a dozen. But if you're a solid bass player, you can make your selection good bands because there are so few good bass players. Good luck!

learn to play bass