Learning To Play Guitar With Small Hands

learning to play guitar with small hands
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How can I learn to play guitar quickly? (I have 10-11 years experience with the violin)?

All books or sites You visit seem to spend much time in the theory of music and other things that I know. Basically, I can, uh … I called fingerpicking? Not what you play chords? Anyway I can not do what you really well, except when the lines confuse me, and I I said "OK play an A. … oh wait is not chain the air." I have no problems with the first hands I agree very, very small. Do I have any problems, it is as I said, agreements, and accidentally hit the chain of evil, or because I mixed with violin or a cousin ill just hit me by mistake. In addition, the type of game where you have lyrics with chords above them, when I play these enormous lengths the same sound that sounds horrible, and I can not find anything online about it and not in my book of the guitar. So basically what I'm looking for: books sites Self-help General Kthnxbai! <3

an excellent way to learn is just to fuck with the guitar but I like my instructor says you should learn what each note fret is (at least for the first five or so frets on each string) also picking fingers comes with experience, have to learn scales and so on, for strings, but the game easier it is to stretch your hands up now and play with the rhythm playing the songs or get fancy and arpeggio (I'm waiting like a violinist, you know what I mean)

learning to play guitar with small hands