Learn How To Play Guitar Metallica

learn how to play guitar metallica
Enter Sandman – Metallica – learn how to play rock metal riffs, easy electric guitar lesson & tab

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is it true that people who play violin can play guitar with ease?

i play violin, but i am a great metallica and kamelot fan. i always wanted to learn how to play guitar, but my violin tutor said that if i master violin, i would be able to play guitar with barely any guidance. is that true?

Hi Ryan

Pretty close to the truth since the fingering is the same except you would have to learn chords etc..

The best example of what you are saying is to listen to Yngwie Malmsteem . This guy can play and he started his career on fixing violins and then got interested in guitar.
That accounts for his scallop fingerboards.

learn how to play guitar metallica

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