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play guitar machine
Machine Head – Aesthetics Of Hate feat. Peter 10.02.2010 @ Gasometer Wien

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What kind of drum is it necessary?

I want to play shows with a drum machine. play guitar and sing i. What kind of Drum Machine Do I need so I can use it to play live? Do not really know what that means, except that, obviously, should be able to sequence drum beats in different parts of the song * with a real drummer is not an option, I'm tired of depending on others and the sound I want is a drum machine. I do not want "real" drums.

I 'm a drummer, and I even agree that there is nothing wrong with using a drum machine for this kind of performance, many people. If you are only looking drums also want something so low? There are many good ones out there, but the Alesis SR-18 is a good choice at low cost to a drum only. If you want, you can see below the pace Boss Dr. 808. impressive machine. machine? sku = 707054

play guitar machine