World’s Best Guitar Player

world’s best guitar player
worlds best ukulele player

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Who (living or dead) is the best bassist?

I heard an ad (a band) radio, and I remembered that I wanted to do this morning.

depends on what style … all these are pretty good bass player in my opinion. Jaco Pastorius Victor Wooten Les Claypool Flea Ryan Martinie Yngve Tony Levin are Malmsteem all very good. Pickin Wooten has a single technology. which is very cool and sounds great. Pastorius could be considered the best. puddle of mud and fleas really write great funk bass lines. Ryan Martin (Mudvayne) throws in some good bass lines for the metal, but they are more like jazz. Cliff Burton is nothing compared to most of these guys. the only reason most people chose him because he played for Metallica. I think it is more valuable.

world’s best guitar player