Learn Guitar Neck Notes

learn guitar neck notes
Guitar Lesson Learning Notes on the Neck

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acoustic and classical guitars …?

Well .. I am learning classical guitar at the moment .. and may even use scraping of pop songs like? Because I heard from my friend that classic sound and are the same, although I know the width of the neck and strings all those who are different … He says he can rip on two guitars and I know it's more classic and collecting acoustic strumming. And I will apply what I learned classical acoustic guitar? I like it because it's folk songs and classic old songs, but I'm not really in the details, I just want to play some modern songs, maybe 1990-2000s. No song Rock. Classical guitar is a good place to start "guitaring? And I can apply what I learned the guitar sound? It is possible that, having learned all the notes of the guitar-based music, I can learn to speak like a book or online?

A classical guitar is a classical music. If you are not interested in classical music, then it is a bad choice. So what can learn from it and can still scratch is not the best option given its stated interest in music. And buy a guitar because the strings hurt fingers a little less for the first month is also a bad idea. Classical and steel string guitars are not the same. guitars with steel strings are easier to play – and thus easier to learn – because the neck is not as wide as conventional as it is no need to prolong the time to learn to play. Is a better option, even for old songs and folk songs especially for the songs Modern acoustic. Fortunately, what was learned in classical guitar fully translate a guitar with steel strings, and it does not sound like you have learned conventional technique. You're always better to take classes, there is no book or website to approach the success rate of a live teacher is there to guide you, answer all your questions, and prevent you from making mistakes. Good luck.

learn guitar neck notes