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play guitar rhythm games online
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Guitar Hero or Rock Band ?…?

I am a stranger to rhythm games, so I need public opinion when it comes the decision between Guitar Hero or Rock Band … So what is best for a beginner: Rock Band or Guitar Hero II (the one with drums and microphone)? This would be for the system Wii. What kind of songs are there and what kind of groups (for example, it would be useful)? What is the best for online play and downloadable content? Thank you for your Help!

Wii, definitely Guitar Hero: World Tour. It has everything the 360, PS3 versions are more a means extra. It also has three good songs ("On The Road Again," "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Hotel California"). Rock Band 2 Gipper on certain features of the Wii. We do not know exactly how, since the Wii version is not out yet, but will have the full band mode or all of the line and so on. Has not good songs.

play guitar rhythm games online