Play Guitar Along With Music Backing Tracks

play guitar along with music backing tracks
Jazz Guitar Backing Tracks Pat Metheny Play Along

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I need a phone with a built-in iPod. Suggestions?

You'll have to forgive, but never have owned a mobile phone or iPod. I need the phone for occasional use. I will not talk much. I need the iPod for music. That, I connect to my guitar amp for playing along w / songs and backing tracks. No need to mail mail, Internet, or something like that. Thank you for your advice. Well, if I have a phone and an MP3 player separate, how much should I expect to pay?

I suggest you buy two separate articles. Go get a really cheap small MP3 player, iPod or even real if you insist that, then find a very cheap phone plan or a prepaid phone to use as a cell phone … Good luck.

play guitar along with music backing tracks

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