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electric guitar notes
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Why are my high notes sound unsteady on electric guitar?

Ok, so I have a Peavey amp (very sweet) and the first guitar to act (do not laugh). When I usually play in the post above and b chain (1.2) that sounds like it was shaking. I can not play Fade to Black without seeming shit, especially when I bend. I play on a high distortion. Will not happen of its own. So I have no idea. Help?

One of two things is password. One of the chains are worried or are too close to the van. If you have single coil pickups on your guitar, you can not put so close string as shown humbuckers. The reason is that the individual coils tend to draw more magnetic can effectively damp vibration of the string (or it out of the air). If the strings are worried about, it means that your level of frets and / or chains are too low. I'm sure the same things that happen when you play fair. It's just a distortion as a way to expand all the imperfections of a guitar or technique Thurs Good chance. Greetings from Austin, TX, Ken

electric guitar notes