Play Guitar With Small Hands

play guitar with small hands
Little North Korean Girl Playing Guitar 北朝鮮少女のギター演奏

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The neck of my guitar is everything to me .. what guitar is great for playing with a small neck?

I take a guitar course. In trying to play chords of the guitar neck is proving an obstacle in my hands are not so great. Lyle Gibson guitar is a classic of the 60s.

This not exactly meet your question, but … According to the 2007 Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars Lyle was an entry level guitar made in Japan by Matsumoko who provided the guitar Epiphone name from 1969 to 1980. The guitar was never sold as a Gibson. Anyway, being a classical guitar, the neck is very wide and button is flat. This makes the classical style, but it is bad for strings and scratching. Sooo, you can actually choose any acoustic or electric, As it is a classic and neck would be more appropriate for the agreements and scrape.

play guitar with small hands