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learn guitar guide
Guitar Instructions – Learn the Fretboard Part 1

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What do I need to learn the guitar to get better?

I play for 7-8 years outdoors. Learning, especially chips and play by ear. I want to improve, but I do not know what I should try to learn, or why should I learn. Thank you in advance! Also, if you have a suggestion of "learn, then this, then this guide," there will be much appreciated!

I do not want comment on the theory and the scale of the whole …. find out what raw materials go with the kind of music you try to play (regardless of scale or agreements, etc.), then build your practice. The best practice. intensely. Develop motor skills and memory finger with more intensity. Then I moved to another level. There are so many possibilities … but if you get there and swing more often is likely to have a better chance drill where you are looking to go.

learn guitar guide

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