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learn guitar kids book
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Help with my six years, and his guitar?

I know nothing about guitars, but my six year old son just got his electric guitar wanted and want, but the practice books / DVD i ordered for him, "which are for adults" are too difficult for him to learn and he has boring.I said she would like advice on lessons website children "wait free" and / or school-age children in Chicago "cheap hope" range.I age that I did not feel I can not do it.So advice, information and / or measures that should be helpfull.Thank

I asked several people about how to start playing the guitar and the first question is usually "Can you hold the guitar in position to play? "Apparently, is much more difficult to learn to play if you can not hold (and learn the ropes) correctly. the strength of fingers is a duty of care to the ropes. Arm and wrist strength you need to start or pluck the strings. Start with one of the local YMCA. Must see if the child has a talented and dedicated enough to practice by the time. If you can afford it, go to a place like this again a serious effort.

learn guitar kids book