Teach Yourself Guitar

teach yourself guitar
Teach Yourself Guitar Lesson 1 (Basics)

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Is it easier to teach himself guitar or bass?

I teach low, but it is so expensive, I have to buy a guitar and an amplifier. But if I taught my acoustic guitar, it would be much cheaper (about £ 150 less). So it is easier, and what instrument I learn?

I can not say which is easier to learn. I never learned guitar, bass solo. 100% I play by ear, and I am 100% self taught. How Can I connect my iPod to my amp, I hit the shuffle button, and try to stick to what comes to tuning. Radio, or "radio" Internet works well. Bass is not so much in one sitting around the campfire and sing-type instrument. Especially if they do not practice, then they will follow with another person. It should be fairly easy (it was for me) if you have a good ear for notes (I) and a good sense of rhythm (I'm working on.) I do 'm not 100% yet, but I can play with friends pretty regularly and it is fun. It is difficult for a bassist to find gigs. It is much dragging around. Another bassist said the following on my amp once. He said: "Oh, You have a beautiful _little_! .. What he meant was that weighs only forty pounds and is small enough to fit in the back seat of a normal car. Which means "I can play with friends" is friends with instruments Acoustic and no battery. If you ever join a band with a drummer, so I'll have to buy a bigger amplifier. Bears are always in demand. I see through "community musician>" Craigslist, which is what I found: Bassists wanted: 10 Drummers wanted: 7 singers wanted: 5 players keyboards, two guitarists Rate: 1 lead guitarists: 0 Everyone wants to be a guitar hero. Every Guitar Hero needs a bass player to back it up.

teach yourself guitar