How To Play Guitar Hero 3 Better

how to play guitar hero 3 better
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Sonic and the Secret Rings vs. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock?

Please read all the information I have provided here to improve My Question: I like both games, but do not know what to buy. Sonic, I've been a fan of Sonic when I played Sonic Advance Game Boy Advance. I thought the game was very good. Then I went to their roots: Sonic 1. All the classic Sonic Hedgehog player to love. When I learned that Sonic and the Secret Rings Sonic was like 1 (since only play as Sonic in the main game) to be surprised. I saw pictures details on the bottom and I love it. Now, Guitar Hero 3, which has fallen in love when the first game. I love playing guitar, I guess. Here is the basis of my question. Do I get a ring from Sonic and the Secret or Guitar Hero or both? Give some reasons why I do it. Also, I have a little brother, and if I play Guitar Hero, I need two guitars. What is the game itself and the two guitar controllers cost? Thank you

Believe me, Sonic and Secret Rings is not nearly as fun as the original Sonic games. I am a former lover of Sonic, and I hate what is absolutely SatSR. The controls are terrible and the history is commonplace. It is just fun. Therefore, I think I'll vote Guitar Hero default. There may be more money, but much more SatSR entertainment value might expect.

how to play guitar hero 3 better