Country Guitar Play Along Tracks

country guitar play along tracks
Zynade – Back to the 70s guitar play along by vegar j

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Is it possible possible to record audio only from my webcam?

Hello everyone. 🙂 I play guitar and sing, and I am wishing to make a video for my boyfriend because of going to college across the country from me. The thing is I've never done before. Is it possible to record audio only on my webcam, not a video with it, so can put themes and edit / overlay? I a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000. I downloaded the Audacity audio editing music … Has anyone tried this before? Thank you in advance! A) has no lens cap B) is not what I'm looking for. Always create a video file. I am wanting a audio file. Can anyone recommend a good program?

Yes you can. Go to Edit-> Preferences In the Device section, the recording device dropdown list, choose the Logitech quick there. Thus, while recording only one microphone webcam is read. These instructions are for Audacity 1.3.1912-beta, so if you have another version with different settings, just look for a place where you can choose the device Recording this way. In addition, some of the microphones on the camera (I saw the Quickcam Pro 4000 for this purpose) registered as "Microphone (USB Audio Device) "or something so instead of his real name. So you might have to try different things on the list of devices to do well. Good luck!

country guitar play along tracks