The Complete Guitar Player Songbook

the complete guitar player songbook
Genesis – “Follow You Follow Me”, Solo Jazz Guitar by Jake Reichbart

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Help with guitar rhythm guitar?

I got a guitar for Christmas and I am learning to play. I have a book entitled The Complete Guitar Player Songbook: Omnibus Edition Two. "Until now, I can understand most of the music in the book, except for models strumming. Use lots up and down arrows (which I can get, up strum guitar down). But in the songs later, start using T, i, m, r and I can not imagine what this means (eg IMR IMR arpeggio TT 1 and 2, 3 and 4 + i understand arpeggios and even things 1 and 2, but what it means for the rest. It's really frustrating, the book says I can not find this information anywhere.

I have the same book, and you can find many of those 1 and 3 2 & … but not the infant mortality rate T, T a lot of respect for the thumb picking the root note, while the other finger picking. Rate Infant mortality may relate to the other fingers to pick up, ie index, middle and ring fingers. What page, and songs you see in this?

the complete guitar player songbook