How To Play The Base Guitar

how to play the base guitar
base guitar basics

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Where can I find websites to songs to learn how to play the guitar?

I am learning to play the guitar and I feel that the easiest way for me to start out is just to find a website that shows me pictures of the notes where to put my fingers and to just memorize where I put my fingers based on what I already know of the song. My brother was helping me learn ‘Adams Song’ but I can’t remember the website we used. I feel a little overwhelmed by trying to learn notes and chords and just want to play based on my ear of music. Does anyone know what I’m talking about and/or have any recommendations for websites like that?

Hello there,

Do a google search using the song name and the word tabs. That will give you a list of the web sites that have the tabs for that song. You can go there and print out a copy.

Then go to Youtube and do a search there using the song name and the word lesson or the words how to play. There are a lot of good instructional videos on Youtube.

Lastly, you need to learn how to read tabs. Tabs is a short hand method of writing guitar music. It is widely used these days. Fortunately it is quick and easy to learn. Here is an article to help.


how to play the base guitar

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