Who Is The Greatest Guitar Player Ever

who is the greatest guitar player ever
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Tightrope.mpg

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Who is the best guitarist I've ever seen?

Since I am learning to play, I studied a lot of players guitar and their different styles. There are many great there, like Hendrix, Santana, Prince, Slash, Clapton and so on, but in your opinion is the best of the best?

Wow, tough question. It really depends on the kind you like to play. For blues, it is difficult to overcome, Stevie Ray Vaughan techniques which had horrible, but he plays is just incredible. For metal, I would say Yngvi Malmsteen and Randy Rhodes. I think they were both guitarists classically trained. Malmsteen licks arpeggio is legendary for his lightning speed. On the rock, I would say Hendrix, Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen. For jazz / Eric Johnson should be gradual. I could go on and on. Great post!

who is the greatest guitar player ever