Learn How To Play Guitar Scales

learn how to play guitar scales
Learn To Play Blues Guitar Lesson – Lead – Pentatonic Scale Review

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How do I learn the scales on the guitar?

Hello I'm learning to play guitar and I was wondering what to do obtain a good knowledge of scales and be able to read most of them. Thank you:)

Steve, unless the guitar 8hr/day training god of discipline, then the following (this is the fun way to learn scales): – Google and download, free blues backing track in the Key to – obtain a letter pentatonic scale (the root note is on the fifth fret on the 6th string) – play any note of the scale Its playback on enjoy being able to make their own pieces of lead. Then, to bring it to the next level, there is a website with more details and approaches. I'll add a link below. Good luck, John

learn how to play guitar scales