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learn guitar metal
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How do I start playing the guitar for metal?

I play for a few months now and have been the practice of precision and speed the harvest, not really agreements or things that I really need to know. I have a beginners guitar and amp, but will soon invest in a real guitar / amp for playing metal. I just need to know how to start learning the guitar metal (metalcore, power metal, death metal perhaps too much). basic chords or scales, perhaps? Thank you

You may not want to hear, but it the quickest, easiest and most effective for a good guitar player in a relatively short period of time: Take lessons from a teacher guitar qualified. Explain what your goals are, and wonder how a plan of great class to meet your goals. practical lesson each week until that you have absolutely dominated by what your teacher is not only your partner to practice. Little beyond the "home" players out there.

learn guitar metal

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