Play Guitar Bridge

play guitar bridge
How to play “Under the bridge” – MLR-Guitar Lesson #1 of 2

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Is there a sort of bridge of the guitar as a Floyd Rose?

I learned that Floyd Rose I can not come without strings drop C tuning large-caliber (I use 9) How can I play the guitar with Floyd rose 9 gauge strings, or who have no other choice but to change the meter.

You can go to drop C, but will have to adjust your string tension (open the back of the guitar) as he does. Tune your guitar at gradually, and spring tension slowly. When finished, the bridge should be parallel with the body. If you keep the light chains have also increased its share (string height) just to stop the alarm. A little advice: do not use light strings for tuning down. You have bad taste, poor support and buzz. I want to use light-heavyweight in the heavy chains – when set down, you feel like new in standard tuning. Use heavy chains also lower affinity for help mitigate the problems of intonation. Any bridge that you can double (* is the double meaning) of return have the same problem Good luck!

play guitar bridge