Play Guitar Online With Keyboard

play guitar online with keyboard
Angry german kid plays guitar hero with his keyboard?

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try to find a game (online) that the arrows used to have a guy jump and duck. went with the music?

so there was no background music and had to go at certain times, there are different levels. one of them was like Guitar Hero, where you press the different letters on keyboard notes down, and the third level is having to take notes as they fly in circles. serious was the most fun game of my life haha and was founded around outside of music, I remember playing on myspace, but I could have added to my site somewhere more .. Please help me find lol I looked through all the myspace games and I do not find it. could be on think it's about a year, I played .. anyway, I really want to find, and could use some help thank you in advance

! Music Mania! Here's the link:

play guitar online with keyboard

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