Learning To Play Guitar Right Handed

learning to play guitar right handed
Learn To Play Guitar – How To Get Good Left And Right Hand Coordination On Guitar

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What would be difficult to learn to play guitar with your right hand if I am left handed?

I wanted to learn to play guitar for some time and I am left handed. I thought learning to play guitar the right hand, the variety of guitars more than he could play, so I tried to play guitar the right hand, and I felt very badly for me. But I think if I practiced a little more then maybe it could be used for. Should I try to get the right hand or left to continue?

right by learning to actually have an advantage. You see, when we heard the right hand guitar left hand on the neck. For us, the right hand is the hand people are stupid and takes time to train for the task even more basic. For you, however, the hand and is very intelligent and coordinated. In fact, making it easier for you to learn! I always tell my students the left hand trying to learn the right hand for this reason. Other reasons are, as you mentioned, the greatest variety for hand right, and that all documentation is written for the reproduction of the right hand. The strange feeling of playing "backwards" soon disappear. Definitely I suggest starting with an acoustic guitar and take lessons to help you move

learning to play guitar right handed