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play guitar flash gh
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What am I doing here?

Well, I have a GH Aerosmith guitar GameStop used for when the money, I can play GH: Metallica guitar (not a robot). I went home loaded with GH: I downloaded the demo M, press the Xbox Guide button (which lights up) and the lights started flashing. They danced around the central button and shining and everything, but do not stay in a light like they normally do with pilots. Above all, it is quite does not work with the demo. I thought the guitar, so I changed to a GH: III guitar LoR … SAME …. I am a newbie to use the guitar 360 and you need to know what is happening here … any help?

synchronize the controller to your Xbox? There is a small button on the side of the guitar, press and hold for few seconds and then press and hold the little button on the 360 until, at the very beginning time to blink.

play guitar flash gh