Famous Guitar Players 2010

famous guitar players 2010
famous guitar player

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I want to go to Juilliard?

Because I played the guitar since 20 March 2010 and I can play Crazy Train, Hot for Teacher, 316, and any the song purple haze. I really want to go to Juilliard. I have a jr college and be a sr. This year. Engineering and I below. My question is whether the practice from now until the hearing could enter Juilliard. I want to be a guitar player and composer famous is going to Juilliard and playing guitar is really the only thing I do with my life.

Is this a serious question? Play less of a year, knowing that a handful of songs, they have no chance. What what happened to their dream of becoming a racing driver, designer fashion, and a neurosurgeon?

famous guitar players 2010