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learn to play guitar guide free
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elictric or acoustic guitar? What should I do first?

Ok, here's the story. I am 17 and want to learn to play guitar. I play an electric, but I know nothing aboutr a guitar or how a game should I get an acoustic or electric guitar for beginners EAIS first? In addition, if any of you know of any free Internet guides for beginners guitar it would be great.

man to pinch myself, I 16 years and started learning to play guitar for a week or you can say I did the sum serious progress, I can play many songs … Therefore, I recommend starting with an acoustic guitar or a cousin who makes u hav a gr8 electric control or start playing wen (d 1 electric) … n is much more expensive train ur fingers properly, namely the strengthening of all the n … JUST IN CASE u also lose interest wudn't hav been a waste Money … I do not want to start discouraging uu b4 but initially it can b quite frustrating … continue to practice with a vengeance n u'll hav definitely nimble fingers in a few days … No try this site for beginners: guitar parts http://www.guitarnationlive.com/ test: ultimateguitar.com, jamplay.com, n guitartabs.com all … gud luck

learn to play guitar guide free