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free guitar playing tips
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What a great way to toughen your fingers to play the acoustic guitar?

I played acoustic guitar on a year now. My fingers were really hard, but on some days really bad! Do you have tips or tricks to help me play without pain?

Not sure if you mean the fingertips or toes estate as follows: if your hand, it is no secret, just practice more. The more you play, the scope of most of his hand callous and reached the point where you just feel the son at all if it is fingers, I'd be careful about the length of the practice of adding both. If you suddenly add two one-day practice routine will probably feel a pain in the fingers and hand. If you want to increase their practice time over say 15 minutes a week to get where you want to go. Also, try to relax your body while you play. Stress kills the speed on your fingers and injuries to be occur more frequently. When you play, your muscles are relaxed to go almost to sleep,

free guitar playing tips