How To Make Guitar Play Great

how to make guitar play great
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Is playing the guitar easy?

I’ve had an acoustic guitar for a couple years now, and just never got the time to play it. Now I find myself sitting on myspace for hours with nothing to do, and I’m just curious if I actually started learning to play it, about how long would it take to actually play some good songs? I sing and stuff too so I think it would be great to play the guitar and sing, maybe making youtube videos.. If it’s as easy as my friends say it is, is there any FREE guitar lessons online I could learn from? I’m a visual person so video’s would be helpful, but if there isn’t any then I’m fine with just reading and learning. Please help? :p

Um idk what the other people are talking about but playing the guitar is not easy. I play myself and when i was a beginner it was irritating because it takes alot of practice and theres always new things to learn. It takes awhile to be even a decent guitarist so you need to be commited to playing it everyday for alittle.

how to make guitar play great

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