Drum Beats To Play Guitar To Free

drum beats to play guitar to free
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I try to enter the music business, what is the best way to do this?

I'm 16 and I want to be a musician. I write and perform my own music, and I know how to play a little guitar, but otherwise, do more rock / alternative type music, I write sorta lot of R & B. I have a camcorder that records on it, with this burner as something in it, and I can download to my computer and all that, but this is only one voice. Does anyone know any free downloadable drum machine could do it in time to be easy to add more votes? What should I use to record my voice, because the video camera / recorder is staticy it seems. Then once I've recorded demos, which is the best way to go about getting to hear them? I'm too young to play in clubs, and I heard that sending demos to record companies generally leads to simply discard. Any help any of these questions are welcome.

I would look for some good talent, the sound of your area and ask their advice.

drum beats to play guitar to free

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