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play guitar how
How to Play Guitar Hero Songs on Electric Guitar : How to Play I Love Rock n’ Roll by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

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How to play guitar chords in more frets?

Hello, I play guitar for a year and I've only been playing chords in the first five frets. I have these questions. 1. How can I make a normal E chord one fret up? 2. Is there a rule for the guitar chords? Please give a detailed explanation of how to play chords on the higher frets. My friends play high frets and you want to learn the same thing. If I could explain, thanks.

Learn fretboard, visit always go to the website which gives more second a list of agreements and how to play. Agreements come scales. You should go to Google and type in the scales and keys. Scales and keys are to basis for creating music on any instrument, practice scales will fingers much faster .=)

play guitar how

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