Learn To Play Guitar Spanish

learn to play guitar spanish
ROMANZA Spanish Romance – (Guitar Lesson) – How to play

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What is the best way to learn to play the Spanish guitar fast?

_To Learn something very quickly unlikely _i suggest you read many books on Spanish guitar (especially on guitar fingerstyle) guitar _list much patience _have Spanish music, is nothing to learn quickly, I know because when I started I just slowed down quickly after a few months, so it is best to learn all the basics and gradually _but first time here is the idea, is it easy to play attention (at all) learn music (read music theory and music) do not limit their Spanish guitar music, but extends to the object and the Philharmonic Orchestra (This gives much inspiration), take the time and not rush things because it will only get worse _ there are many things on the Internet related to Spanish guitar and is really useful and have a teacher to teach the practice, you'll be better _also every day for 3-4 hours to learn and get your deterity fingerpick _notes to discourage or anything, but the best Spanish style guitar was not overnight, but years and years of discipline and research (both information and themselves) and went to university to learn to play music (not just guitar)

learn to play guitar spanish